Crystal Obrien

A Guide To Common Rail Injection Systems

Common rail fuel injection systems are a must-have in modern diesel engines. The injection system is designed to ensure fuel efficiency, improve performance and reduce pollution. Read this guide to learn more about common rail injection systems.  How Do Common Rail Injectors Work?  In a direct injection system, fuel from the fuel tank is pumped by the fuel pump into the injectors and into the combustion chamber. A common rail injection is an intelligent direct injection system that incorporates a metal cylinder (rail) that distributes fuel to the injectors.

Clutch Issues on Your Truck? Why It Could Be the Master Cylinder

The transmission system on a commercial vehicle is highly engineered to make sure that it can put up with the stresses and strains of everyday life. When such a vehicle is used in a congested city environment, the driver will need to change gear on an almost constant basis, and it is, therefore, very important to ensure that the clutch system can cope. If you're currently dealing with a clutch-related issue on your heavy truck and cannot pinpoint the problem, why should you look more closely at the master cylinder?

How to Increase Your Vehicle's Gross Vehicle Mass

The gross vehicle mass, or GVM, is the weight and mass a vehicle can manage on its own wheels and with standard, factory-installed parts. Hauling more weight than the GVM puts undue strain on the engine, transmission and axle, and overheats a vehicle very easily. You also might not be able to brake safely and bring your vehicle to a stop quickly enough when you exceed its GVM. If you must haul loads heavier than the recommended GVM for your car or truck, discuss your needs with a mechanic or other professional.

How to Source Parts Effectively for Your Fleet

Do you own a distribution company and have a varied fleet of vehicles at your disposal? If so, you will be focused on getting full value for money from these trucks and will want to ensure that they are always on the road, producing revenue for your organisation. Yet this is not always as easy as it sounds, and you will have to pay special attention to maintenance, with a view to proactively avoiding any problems.

4 Practical Tips for Shopping in an Auto Salvage Yard

Who doesn't want to save a few pennies on the dollar? With car repair costs not showing signs of easing up anytime soon, you need to come up with ingenious and cost-effective ways of repairing your vehicle. In this regard, auto part junkyards should be your one-stop shop for car parts, but only if you understand the basics of car repairs. That said, most car owners have the notion that since junkyards are littered with old and rickety vehicles, it would take forever to find anything usable.