A Guide To Common Rail Injection Systems

Common rail fuel injection systems are a must-have in modern diesel engines. The injection system is designed to ensure fuel efficiency, improve performance and reduce pollution. Read this guide to learn more about common rail injection systems. 

How Do Common Rail Injectors Work? 

In a direct injection system, fuel from the fuel tank is pumped by the fuel pump into the injectors and into the combustion chamber. A common rail injection is an intelligent direct injection system that incorporates a metal cylinder (rail) that distributes fuel to the injectors. The primary function of the rail is to increase the fuel pressure. The fuel pump controls the pressure at the rail and injectors while the vehicle's ECU controls the amount and timing of fuel that each injector receives. Ultimately, the common rail injection system helps prevent fuel wastage during combustion. As such, you will notice increased performance and fuel efficiency. 

Common Rail Injector Maintenance

Below are a few tips to help you maintain your common rail injection system: 

  • Check the manufacturer's specifications to know when you should service the system and replace the injectors.
  • Use high-quality fuels to prevent carbon build-up in the common rail and injectors.
  • If you are not certain about the fuel quality, use fuel additives to clean the fuel lines and injectors.
  • Replace the air and fuel systems to protect your engine from contaminants that might damage the system. 

Buying Common Rail Injection Systems

Over time, you will need to replace the common rail injection system. Use the OEM number inscribed on your system to identify a compatible common rail. If you have a rare vehicle, conduct some internet research to identify if your model shares the system with other vehicles. Some people opt to purchase used common rail injection systems. If this is your case, read this guide for some expert tips: 

Check the history of the system. For instance, for how long was it in use? Has it been refurbished? Some sellers will clean the common rail and install new injectors.

Inspect the system for damages. A slight dent or crack along the fuel lines, common rail or injectors will make the system dysfunctional.

Ask for seller guarantees. A damaged system will cause rough idling, poor fuel consumption, engine misfires and fuel odours. The seller should be ready to replace the system if you experience these problems.

When buying the system online, consider websites and sellers. Besides, take advantage of free shipping and discounts. 

A common rail injector system is a sure way to improve the performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Always observe the recommended maintenance and purchasing tips. Besides, you should ask your mechanic to regularly inspect the system.