How to Source Parts Effectively for Your Fleet

Do you own a distribution company and have a varied fleet of vehicles at your disposal? If so, you will be focused on getting full value for money from these trucks and will want to ensure that they are always on the road, producing revenue for your organisation. Yet this is not always as easy as it sounds, and you will have to pay special attention to maintenance, with a view to proactively avoiding any problems. To do so, you need to have access to a reliable parts supply, and if you have a fleet that is relatively old, this can present a challenge in its own right. How do you satisfy all these requirements?

Being Compliant

As you may know, truck fleets across Australia are subject to a government watchdog known as the Performance-Based Standards Scheme. This means that each truck needs to be tested to make sure that it conforms, and it has to be fitted with spare parts that are to a given specification. Trucks that are not compliant can attract significant fines for the owner, and this can, of course, affect productivity.

While brand-new trucks will undoubtedly contain parts that are manufactured to be compliant with PBS out of the gate, it can be a challenge to locate the right parts for older vehicles. This will require managers to locate aftermarket spare parts that have the right functionalities and settings to satisfy the legislators.

Market Analysis

In an ideal world, you might like to buy every single spare part as factory fresh, but the budget may not always allow this. While you can always turn to pre-owned parts in some situations, it's good to know that forward-thinking suppliers are now much more adept at buying genuine and complaint new parts at aftermarket prices. They achieve this by buying direct from the manufacturers or by shopping in bulk and paying particular attention to shipping costs. In turn, they can pass the savings on to customers while ensuring that quality needs are met.

Clever Buying

Always make sure that you deal with parts suppliers that have the best interests of the customer in mind and can provide you with that difficult-to-get part, just when you need it. They will help you be compliant with the PBS scheme and ensure that all your vehicles are safe and roadworthy, while keeping in line with your budget as well. Contact a company that sells products like Hino truck parts to learn more.