4 Factors You Should Analyse When Buying Heavy Truck Parts

It is always important to analyse several issues before you make a decision to procure replacement parts such as shock absorbers for your heavy duty trucks. This article discusses some of the considerations which will help you to make the best purchase decision when you need spare parts for your fleet of trucks to ensure that your repairs are effective.


The supply of aftermarket truck parts is awash with products from different sources. Those products often vary in quality and price. You should make sure that you identify the product with the highest quality so that the replacement part doesn't fail shortly after it was installed. Research the different brands and identify the manufacturer whose products have a reputation for reliable performance.

The Lead Time

How quickly can the supplier or manufacturer get the needed truck parts to you? This lead time has a big effect on your operations because your truck may remain out of service while you wait for the needed parts to be delivered. Find a supplier with an extensive inventory so that the wait time is reduced once an order is placed for a given truck part.

Shipping Costs

Don't only focus on the purchase price when you are selecting truck parts to buy. Add the cost of shipping the product to its cost so that you can get a clearer idea about the cost-effectiveness of buying truck parts from a given supplier. Generally, shipping costs tend to be lower if the supplier is located close to you. Look closer to your base as you shortlist suppliers of truck parts.

Labour Costs

Think about the money that will be spent to pay technicians to fit the truck parts onto your vehicles. Parts that need to be replaced frequently can turn out to be very expensive because they will rack up a high labour bill each time the truck is taken into the repair shop to have that 'affordable' component fitted. Smart fleet managers often opt for products whose purchase price is higher but the products last longer. Such fleets incur lower labour costs since the trucks will go to the repair shop less frequently. These labour costs are also closely related to other administrative costs, such as the costs associated with processing invoices, which must be met each time parts are replaced in your trucks.

Always think about the total cost of ownership when you are making purchase decisions. Remember that you should strive for a balance between quality, speed and price when buying truck parts.